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Doug Stanley, Photography

Doug Stanley's formal education is in the life and physical sciences at the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida, and Florida State University. He is currently Chief Technology Officer at a major electro-optics company.

His interest in the technical aspect of light and photography has grown out of his involvement in light and the operation and application of lasers and digital imaging systems. "As I develop as a photographer, I am continually amazed that the artistic complexity in capturing a photograph is more than just an application of technology."

For a time Doug also found photography difficult to pursue fully because of the requirements of darkroom work. Now he finds the advance of digital image manipulation has removed any technical barriers to his immersion into photography.

Doug states: "I have always been intrigued with the various scales of images to be found in nature and man's presence in nature. There can be as much in the close-up image of the sand on a Florida beach as there is in the mountains of Appalachia. I am especially interested in capturing images of nature and man-made structures with strong lines, shadows, and reflected colors."

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