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Top Ten Classic Cocktails

Top Ten Classic Cocktails

Martinis may continue to be all the rage, but many diners look for alternatives, especially when pairing with food. Try one of these cocktails when hosting your next dinner party. They're classy and they're classic for a reason -- they've been taste-tested for generations.

10: Tequila Sunrise. A great alternative to frozen margaritas on TexMex night.
* Fill a rocks glass with ice
* Add 2oz of Tequila
* Fill almost to the top with orange juice
* Add 1-2 teaspoons of grenadine, which will sink
* Stir briefly and gently, and the color will distribute throughout the drink
* Garnish with orange slice

9: Cuba Libre The original version of the "rum and coke" incorporated lime in the drink, as well as the garnish.
* Fill a rocks glass with ice
* Add 2oz Rum
* Add the juice of two lime wedges
* Fill with cola
* Garnish with lime wedge

8: Vodka Gimlet Originally gin and lime juice, possibly a British Navy invention, the vodka version has gained popularity since the 1990s. Gimlets can also be shaken and served as a martini.
* Fill a rocks glass half-way with ice
* Add 3 oz Vodka
* Add 1 oz Rose's Lime Juice

7: Salty Dog A nice drink for evenings near the water, especially as an alternative to overly sweet fruity cocktails. As with many cocktails, you can use vodka or gin, whatever your preference.
* Salt the rim of a rocks glass
* Fill with ice
* Add 2 oz Gin
* Fill with grapefruit juice

6: Bloody Mary
Variations of this classic are as common as martinis. Try this updated version:
* Fill a tall glass with ice
* Add 2 oz Vodka
* Add 2 dashes hot sauce
* Add 1/2 tsp Worcestershire
* Salt and pepper to taste
* Fill with V8
* Garnish with celery salt and a lime wedge

5: Black Russian A different take on the White Russian, it makes a sweet after dinner cocktail.
* Fill a rocks glass with ice
* Add 3 oz Vodka
* Add 1 1/2 oz Coffee Liqueur

* Swirl slightly so it's not quite mixed.

4: Irish Coffee The original coffee drink, first served to weary transatlantic passengers after landing in Ireland on a cold, stormy night.
* Fill a clear coffee mug 2/3rds full with hot coffee
* Add 2oz Irish Whiskey
* Add 1 level tsp brown sugar
* Stir until sugar is dissolved
* Holding spoon inverted, near the surface of the coffee, add 1-2 oz heavy cream over the back of the spoon so it forms a layer over the coffee.

3: Screwdriver The classic brunch drink is also very refreshing just before or just after dinner.
* Fill a cocktail glass half-full with ice
* Pour in a generous amount of Vodka
* Top off with fresh orange juice * Garnish with fresh orange slice

2: Margarita Another cocktail with many variations, the original, unfrozen variety is fruity and refreshing, without being touristy.
* Salt the rim of a rocks glass and fill with ice.
* Add 2oz Tequila
* Add 1oz Cointreau or Triple Sec
* Add 1oz lime juice
* Garnish with lime slice

And my Number One Favorite Classic Cocktail: Manhattan One could call this a bourbon martini. The Manhattan provides a hint of sweetness and a lot of flavor for those who want something a little more bold. Like me!
* Fill a shaker 2/3rds full of ice.
* Add 1oz sweet vermouth
* Add 3oz Bourbon, or Rye.
* A dash of bitters is optional, but traditional
* Shake and pour into martini glass
* Garnish with a cherry

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