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What'll You Have? - Survey

Survey Results released March 27 2009: Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. in collaboration with Clarus Research Group

In these economic times, do you consider spirits to be an affordable luxury or extravagant expense?

88% said affordable luxury, 8% extravagant expense.

Which category do you think will be the next big main ingredient when it comes to mixing cocktails?

36% said Vodka, followed by 25% Whiskey (including Bourbon), 23% Rum and 16% Tequila.

Do you think that consumers in general are tipping more or less than they did one year ago?

62% said less, and 38% said the same or more.

Compared to one year ago, do you think consumers are hosting friends at home more often or are they still going to bars and restaurants?

57 % said hosting friends at home more often and 41% said still going to bars and restaurants

Which would you say is the biggest reason why people are enjoying their spirits these days?

35% said as they take a break from the nightly news, followed by 29% to spend quality time with friends and family, 17% t o celebrate and 15% to network.

Lastly, looking ahead one year from today – what do you think bartenders and wait staff will be saying?

59% said happy times are here again and 39% said better luck next year.

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