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Super easy to do business with you. Great packing, fast delivery, excellent follow up. Thanks for a great internet experience.
- Smithtown NY

Thanks for the fast shipping and a great web site. A friend referred me to your site and I will be ordering more from you shortly.
- Northbrook IL

I will most certainly order from you again. I'm a big fan of customer service and it's hard to find these days. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to our next opportunity. Thank you Liz.
- Granada Hills CA

My first order just arrived. Fast shipping and very well packed. I am so pleased that I just placed my second order with you.
- Houston TX

Thank you so very much Ms. Liz. I truly do appreciate people like you who are prompt and appreciate their customers. I just finished placing the order, rest assure that this will not be the last time that I order from you. Until the next time, have a very Happy New Year. Thanks again.
- Miami FL

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, Liz. Can't thank you enough!!
- New York NY

Thanks Liz for such a quick response. I'm always so impress with your company's customer service.
- Snohomish WA

Thanks liz, I appreciate the excellent customer service. I look forward to working with you guys in the future.
- Los Angeles CA

Hey Liz. I just wanted to let you know that I picked up the box today without any hassle. Thanks again for your great customer service!

And not so friendly:

Why do you pack bottles in styrofoam peanuts? I put the box out for the trash and the wind that day blew peanuts out of the box and down the block. I had to chase them all over the neighborhood. Thanks a lot.
- Albuquerque NM

"I ordered the Cosmo Cocktail Kit from your website and you sent me the Cosmo Kit."
Yes ma'am. Did you get it okay?
"Yes. But I meant to order the Margarita Kit. Why did you send the Cosmo Kit?"
The Cosmo Kit was sent to you based on your order.
" I insist that you send me the Margarita Kit that I meant to order."
Did you want to place an order for that?
No! I want you to send me the Margarita Kit I meant to order! I am going to tell all my friends not to do business with you, you are so hard to deal with! "
- Bronx NY
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