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A Cork Above, Inc. is an Internet Cybermall Service Facilitator for up-market consumer goods including Alcohol Beverages.

A Cork AboveTM does not own or hold any inventory, nor does it produce any products.

When it comes to Alcohol Beverages, we offer a sophisticated and convenient shopping service for our customers. Orders completed on our site are then purchased from Participating Licensed Wine and Spirits Retail Merchants for shipment within 5-7 days unless otherwise noted in the product description.

The sale of the Alcohol Beverage takes place at the physical location of the Participating Licensed Retail Merchant. All sales and shipments are subject to the laws governing such a transaction of the State in which the Participating Licensed Retail Merchant is located and is licensed by the proper authorities. The entire transaction transpires within and to the fullest intent of the Three-tier Alcohol Beverage Laws.

A Cork AboveTM is a one of a kind Cyber-Mall that truly takes you. . .

Beyond The Wine Aisle

Shop and Check out and Buy with ONE easy and secure shopping-cart transaction. Shipping is FREE on all orders over $25, with a flat $8 fee for orders under $25.

All customer information is held in the strictest confidence and is never sold, shared, or transferred to anyone else at any time. All credit cards transactions are certified secure.

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