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Kai Lychee Vodka 750ml


Vietnam. Kai Lychee Vodka 750ml. Free shipping. Kai Lychee Vodka is the only vodka infused with the tantalizing essence of the tropical Vietnamese lychee fruit. Made from a centuries old recipe devised by a woman for the pleasure of her man, Kai Lychee Vodka is exotic, aromatic, sweet and complex. Naturally gluten free

Award winning Kai Lychee Vodka captures the flavor of adventure.

Drink it naked, on the rocks, straight up, and its haunting aroma and complex flavor let you taste the seduction. Mix it and it raises any cocktail to sultry and climactic.

Kai Lychee will change the way you think about Vodka.

Caution: "Seduction" is definitely the word - this vodka can be seriously addictive. Taste at your own risk...

FDR Awards BEST OF CLASS - New York Spirits Awards 2009

Silver Medal - Los Angeles Wine and Spirits Competition 2009

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