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Fontemorsi Montescudaio Rosso Spazzavento 750ml


Italy. Tuscany. Montescudaio Rosso Spazzavento 750ml Free shipping.

Classification: Montescudaio Red DOC
Years of production: since 2003
Blend: Sangiovese 70%, Merlot 30%
Average production: between 15,000 and 20,000 bottles per year

GRAPE PRODUCTION: a density of 7500 vines per hectar together with the summer thinning of the grapes allows for a production of roughly 0.8-1.0 kg of high quality grapes per vine.

The main argicoltural operations are all done by hand (green pruning, grape thinning and picking). We pay great attention to the preparation of the soil in order to favour the storage of rain water, maintain the balance of nutritive elements, which allows for their optimal exchange with the vine roots and for a homogeneous ripening of the fruits. After a successful experimental stage in 2008 all vineyards are conducted organically with the collaboration of Dr. Ruggero Mazzilli and his Experimental Station for Substainable Grape Growing that collaborates with the Universities of Pisa and Florence.

VINIFICATION: after randomly sampling the grapes in order to determine the optimal degree of ripeness the grapes are hand picked, squeezed and left to ferment in stainless steel vats keeping the two varieties separate from one another. Maceration and fermentation last approximately 20 days at constant temperature. The malolactic fermentation also occurs in stainless steel vats. Once the fermenting process is finished the two varieties are blended and left in the steel vats until bottling that normally occurs at the beginning of the summer after which the wine is left in the bottles for four or five months before going on sale at the beginning of the winter.

CHARACTERISTICS: color is intense ruby red with a fragrant nose that recalls red fruits followed by more complex spices. To the mouth it is pleasant, soft and velvety with good persistence.

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