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Damiani Madonnina Chianti 750ml


Italy. Tuscany. Damiani Madonnina del Chiaro Damiani Chianti 750ml. Currently Available Vintage. Free shipping.

DOCG Made from select Sangiovese grapes 85% and Canaiolo and Colorino grapes 15%. Rigorously harvested by hand, grapes are picked when their fragrance, sweetness and their skins' polyphenol levels are just right.

The vinification process is traditional and lasts 7 to 12 days. Special care is taken in soaking the skins, as it is a very delicate process.

Fermentation transforms the Chianti into a harmonious and complete wine. The refinement period is quite lengthy since the Chianti is bottled within 6 months of harvest as to preserve its original characteristics.

The color is ruby-red, lively and brilliant. Aroma is intense, fresh, lively and persistent, reminiscent of the grape still on the vine.

The taste is soft, balanced and lively, with an enjoyable aftertaste that recalls all the aromas of fermentation.

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