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Prichard's Rye 750ml


Tennessee. Prichard's Rye 750ml 86 proof. Free shipping.

Special select American Rye is used for our whiskey. This product is then distilled in our copper pot stills and aged in our small American oak barrels for the perfect balance of smoothness and flavors we so desire.

Distilling has been in our family for generations. Five generations ago in 1822, Benjamin Prichard of Davidson County, Tennessee passed his 'still, tubs and utensils thereto' to his son Enoch. Benjamin's will provides documentation of the last known 'legal' distiller in the Prichard Family.

Benjamin Prichard made his Tennessee whiskey with a high sugar content white corn, pure Tennessee spring water and it was distilled using ancient pot still techniques. Much of the unique character of Prichards spirits may be directly attributed to its production in small batches using our classic copper pot still techniques and rigid quality control standards.

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