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Sazerac 6 year Rye Whiskey 750ml


Kentucky. Free shipping. Very limited. Sazerac 6 year old rye whiskey, small batch. 750ml 90 proof.

"This is a great example of a well made, classic rye flavor profile. For those that consider rye too hot or strong - this might be a great intro for you. It's nicely balanced with fruit, sweetness and spice, but not 'hot' in the least." - Sour Mash Manifesto

"Youthful and very lively. Bold, crisp, spices (mint, cinnamon, vanilla) are softened by soothing, sweeter notes (candied fruit, coconut, caramel, and rum notes), becoming dry, flinty, and spicy on the finish. It is very clean and polished, and it is superior to other rye whiskeys in this age range. Nicely done!"
- Rated: 88 - Malt Advocate

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