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Clement Rhum Vieux XO 750ml


Martinique. Clement Rum XO Free shipping. A fine sipping rum and one of the few rums (French spelling 'rhum') in the world to claim a terroir, as the sugar cane is grown in a unique microclimate in volcanic soil on a single estate - a small circumscribed geographic area (and granted an AOC because of it) making it unique. This is much like the great houses of Bordeaux, Cognac or Champagne. Produced and bottled on the estate.

Another noteworthy point is that it is a Rhum Agricole or made directly from sugar cane juice rather than molasses. Less than 5% of the worlds production of rum is made this way and the process yields a dramatically different product. Clement Rum X.O. is distilled in a small single column copper pot still, which yields a lower proof spirit full of flavor, rather than a highly distilled relatively flavorless spirit.

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, Martinque was the source of the highest quality of sugar for Europe and the the epicenter for all Caribbean sugar commerce. By 1883 a great sugar crisis overtook the island because European countries used less expensive sugar from South and Central America. In 1887 Homere Clement, the mayor of La Francois, purchased the pretigious sugar plantation in his village, Domaine de l'Acajou, out of bankruptcy. His intentions were simply to stop the rioting planters and have them return to the fields to harvest sugarcane again, not for sugar, but to be pressed for their natural juices to distill rum. Homere Clement is now coined as the "Father of the Rum Agricole".

Rhum Clement XO 88 proof, is a blend of rare and aged rums 25 year rums and older (1976, 1970, 1952). This stellar rum proves the appeal of aged sipping rums, hand selected, carefully blended to bring out the best points of each vintage year in one bottle.

Rubbed bronze/dark baltic amber gold/brown, in color like a very expensive armagnac. Well-balanced nose with fruit, wood, spices and a hint of nutmeg, delicious taffy flavors. A smooth rum that is inviting, complex and rich with excellent length.

Best enjoyed on its own as a sipping rum, it's an excellent example of an older Rhum Agricole and really showcases the difference between a sugarcane juice rum and a molasses rum. This makes a spectacular gift for a rum-lover.

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