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Atlantico Private Cask Rum 750ml


Dominican Republic. Ron Atlantico Private Cask, Premium Dark Rum 750ml Free shipping. 80 proof.

Ours is a country with a long and storied history and much of that history revolves around Rum. Since the 17th century, when sugarcane was first fermented into alcohol, Rum has been at the heart of our culture. With what we believe to be the best sugarcane in the world and over 350 years of Rum-making experience, it is no wonder that throughout time the Dominican Republic has produced some of the greatest artisanal Rums. It is our honor to carry on this proud tradition

Our 3rd generation master blender has developed a unique process for the creation of Atlantico. It begins with the selection of the finest small batch aged Rums from the Dominican Republic. Once we have selected the individual Rums, we blend them together to create something truly unique.

We then take an additional step and age the blend yet again (private cask), which results in a mellower, more complex Rum. From the private casks, we place the Rums in another set of barrels for 15 to 25 years. This third aging uses the solera method most commonly used with Sherry production which guarantees a consistently balanced Rum. Only when we feel the Rum has reached its perfect state do we remove it from the barrels and bottle it by hand.

Rated: Best Solera Rum - Golden Rum Barrel Awards 2010

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