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1921 Tequila Reposado 750ml


1921Tequila Reposado 750ml 80 proof. Free shipping.

"Some years ago, in the Hacienda La Colorada, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, an important discovery was made when the old house was undergoing renovation. A secret passage was found that led to a surprising and luxurious wine cellar filled with valuable objects such as gold coins, chapel relics, and coffers filled with memories and history.

"Among the most intriguing items found were bottles that sparkled when first touched by light. These bottles which had been hidden for six decades, bore an almost illegible clay label and contained a liquid that turned out to be tequila of exceptional quality. It had surely been destined for the owners of the Hacienda. To celebrate this discovery, we have selected a probable date of the event, “1921”, the same year in which the Mexican Revolution concluded. We also duplicated the bottle, seeking to conserve the beauty and the original state in which it was found."

1921 recaptures the traditional craftsmanship in the making of Tequila with tools and process used in the 18th century. This is a true artesian Tequila and one of the highest quality.

1921 Tequila Reposado is produced from 100% Blue Weber estate grown agave. Double distilled in stainless steel pot stills with copper coils. It is filtered twice through state of the art gravitational filtration system and aged for 6 months in new American oak barrels.

Toasted honey color, invoking the shine of the most precious metal, luminous transparency, with elegant descending legs (tears). Sweet and gentle plum aroma on the nose, a result of its resting period and the perfect synchronization of our Tequila and the delicately charred wood of our barrels.

Impressionable character from the very first taste, possessing a smooth, fruity, moderate sweetness, delicate white oak finish, with a subtle note of hazelnut.

"Silky and warm sensation that caresses the tongue."

Rated: 4 Stars, Highly Recommended - March 2010 Spirit Journal

Top Editor Rated: 92 points -

Silver Medal - 2008 Agave Spirits Challenge

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