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Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka 1L


Russia. Jewel of Russia Ultra 1 Liter. 80 proof. **Very Limited Edition.**Free shipping. Bottle scenes are changed regularly and we cannot guarantee a particular image.

Each bottle is a work of art both on the inside and on the outside. The packaging of our Limited Edition line is exceptional. Each bottle is also a work of art, with a traditional Russian miniature on each bottle.

The ULTRA bottle has a dome-like cap cover that together with the bottle image makes it a perfect gift. It is also an attractive item for display or for collectors, because the scenes are changed on a regular basis.

This limited edition Russian Vodka has unbelievable smoothness and beautiful finesse. Slow-flow filtration for extra purity give this vodka a clean, rich flavor.

Only natural ingredients and ancient recipes are used in making the Jewel of Russia vodka. The brand's top priority is to preserve the distinctive and authentic character of traditional Russian Vodka, while achieving the highest level of smoothness.

Reviving old traditions: the drink of the czars, the Jewel of Russia Ultra is made from a centuries-old recipe, hard winter wheat and rye and deep artisian well water. The Jewel of Russia Ultra is a limited-edition vodka that undergoes additional rectification and slow-flow filtration to achieve purity and smoothness. This ultra-premium spirit is encased in a beautiful bottle, which is created by Russian artists living in a small village outside Moscow.

"The Jewel of Russia" brings to the United States the best of Russian vodka-making traditions - directly from the heart of Russia.

Rated: 90-95 points - Wine Enthusiast: "The delicate perfume is softly grainy, with nuances of white pepper, wheat crackers and cigarette tobacco. The palate entry is elegant yet a touch hot; at midpalate the dry flavor turns silky in texture and minerally and stone-like in taste. Concludes bean- and kernel-like, bittersweet and a touch soy curd-like. A subtle, understated vodka with lots of layers and grip."

Rated: Spirit of the Year - Food & Wine Magazine "Jewel of Russia bottle with technicolor designs and an onion-dome cap. Ultrafiltered and ultradistilled didn't eliminate the hints of citrus or the sweetness and light spiciness of winter wheat and rye."

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