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Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka 750ml


Poland. Zubrowka "Zu" Bison Grass Vodka 750ml. 80 proof. Free shipping. This is the original Polish Bison Grass Vodka.

Zubrowka is the original Buffalo Grass Vodka or Bison Grass Vodka, a brand of dry, herb-flavoured vodka that is distilled from rye and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). Its flavour is unique and is described as having woodruff, vanilla, coconut, and almond notes.

The name Zubrowka comes from 'zubr', a word in Polish, Belarusian, and Ukrainian that refers to the wisent (European bison), which likes to dine on buffalo grass.

The rye distillate is flavoured with a tincture of buffalo grass (Hierochloe odorata). This grass grows in the Bialowieza Forest (which is partly in Poland and partly in Belarus) and elsewhere. A blade of buffalo grass is placed in each bottle of Zubrowka, but it is only decorative and not the source of the beverage's taste or yellowish colour.

Bialowieza is the largest wood in Europe that has never been deforested. In 1979 the UN designated it a site of world-wide cultural significance. In Poland it is called the country's "green lungs," - its unspoiled beauty confers on Zubrowka that essence of purity.

It is only a few locals who know where to find buffalo grass, when it's ready to pick, and how to dry it out for maximum flavor. The grass grows as individual blades close to the ground and not like grass as we know it, clusters easy to see and identify. The blades are white underneath and are so identified.

Zubrowka has been manufactured in the region of the contemporary Polish-Belarusian (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) border since the 16th century, and by 18th century was one of the favourite raw drinks of the nobility (szlachta) and the peasantry alike. In 1926 the Polish Polmos company in Brest Litovsk (now Belalco, Brest, Belarus) invented a method to produce Zubrowka for export, which was then copied by numerous companies worldwide, under a variety of brand names.

Zubrowka is usually served chilled and mixed with apple juice (a drink known in Polish as tatanka or szarlotka; known in the UK as a Frisky Bison; and in the US as a Polish Kiss). It is sometimes served over vanilla ice cream. A Black Bison is Zubrowka mixed with black currant juice. Another common mixer is ginger ale.

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