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Claude Chatelier XO 750ml Decanter


France. Claude Chatelier XO. Free shipping. 750ml Decanter. 80 proof.

Claude Chatelier Cognac is made exclusively from top-quality wines from vineyards in the best growing areas of Cognac. Traditional distillation techniques are used to produce the young Claude Chatelier, which then ages in cool, shady cellars before being blended into a superbly balanced cognac.

Claude Chatelier Cognac is distilled twice in small copper stills (maximum capacity of 2500 litres). The first distillation ensures that the unfiltered wine is heated gently to achieve a slow and controlled evaporation. The alcohol vapours rise into the onion-shaped head and then pass through to the copper condenser coil, which maintains contact with cold water to cool and condense the vapour. The liquid obtained at this stage, known as “brouillis,” is slightly cloudy and has an alcohol content of 28%.

The second distillation is then takes place, when the "brouillis” is distilled. Only the finest part, the center part (called heart) of this "bonne chauffe" (second distillation) is kept for aging, while the distillates from the beginning and the end of the process (called heads and tails) are discarded.

More than 24 hours of intensive work, care, and craftsmanship are necessary to create the final eau-de-vie.

The young Claude Chatelier Cognac is immediately transferred into new Limousin oak barrels, which have a capacity of not more than 350 litres. New Limousin oak naturally has a high level of tannin and a greater porosity that makes it ideal for ageing fine cognac. After approximately one year, older barrels with softer tannins will now welcome our eaux-de-vie. These barrels provide the perfect environment for our cognac to develop into a smooth, well-balanced, and rich eau-de-vie, without the excessive flavour of wood dominating.

The right levels of temperature and humidity are key factors when aging a fine cognac. In our cool and damp cellars, the bare dirt floors allow the presence of a high level of humidity in the air, resulting in a softer, rounder aged cognac. A perfectly balanced interaction between the cognac, the oak, and the air is key to obtaining a finely aged eau-de-vie.

In addition to the natural evaporation of alcohol from the barrel known as "La Part Des Anges" (the Angels' Share), the cellar master must harmoniously reduce the cognac over a period of one to three years by slowly adding distilled water. At the end of this process, the cognac will have reached its final alcoholic strength (40% alcohol by volume - 80 proof).

Blending is an art. Only a great cellar master can reach the perfection of a great blend such as Claude Chatelier Cognac. And blending is decided only when our cognacs reach their peak. Eaux-de-vie from different ages and different origins will be subtly married to achieve a perfect balance and aromatic richness.

The deep mahogany colour of Claude Chatelier XO Extra shows evidence of extensive time spent in oak barrels. The nose reveals subtle oak aromas mingled with ripe vanilla and flowery tones. Claude Chatelier XO Extra shows spicy flavours such as white pepper followed by dark chocolate. Then, rancio notes appear with aromas of leather and tobacco. The finish is extremely long and rich

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