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Celtic Honey Liqueur 750ml


Ireland. Celtic Crossing Irish Honey Liqueur 750ml. Free shipping. 60 proof.

A truly unique liqueur, Celtic Crossing reflects the spirit of the Irish. Made from a secret recipe from deep within the heart of Ireland, a smooth crossing of Irish whiskey, cognac and soft notes of honey. This is a distinct and soft flavor.

Celtic Honey is inspired by a recipe that survived through the history of the Celtic tribes of Olde Ireland. Famous for their intricate swirling designs in iron and gold, Ancient Celts were also celebrated for a liqueur made using early Irish ingredients. Celtic legend has it that this mysterious drink had the power to bring luck to those who drank it. Elusive and playful, it was reminiscent of the ever-changing shapes and shadows of their famed art.

Each batch of Celtic Honey is created using only 100 per cent Irish ingredients, including local honey, Irish whiskey, and natural Irish spring water. Its taste is subtle and delicate, yet complex and mysterious, inspired by the twists and turns in the knots of the Celtic craftsmen. Try this bewitching drink and see what luck it brings you.

Tasting Notes: An exceptionally light body and velvety smooth texture. Its delicate bouquet is laced with the aromas of honey, vanilla and toasted oak. Sumptuous palate featuring the flavors of honey, spice and whiskey. The finish is delectably long, warm and flavorful.

Celtic Crossing is a guaranteed crowd pleaser... it has an exceptionally light body and velvety smooth texture... its sumptuous palate features the flavors of honey spice and dram-sized taste of whiskey - a creative marvel. - Robert Plotkin, The Bartender's Companion

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