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Zaya Rum Trinidad 12 year 750ml


TRINIDAD. Zaya Rum 12-year, 750ml. 80 proof. Free shipping.

WHY TRINIDAD? Writes Phil Joffray, Infinium Spirits, "As you know, there has been a great demand for Zaya Gran Reserva Rum. In order to provide a plentiful supply of Zaya Rum without compromising on quality or taste, we moved production to Trinidad because of its long history (nearly a century) of producing luxury rums of exceptional quality and excellence."

This is the same Zaya "recipe" as it has always been, developed by the same Master Blender. And all of the rum used for this release of Zaya Gran Reserva has been resting undisturbed, in medium charred white oak barrels, for a minimum of 12 years on the island of Trinidad. "In initial tastings of Zaya Gran Reserva Rum from Trinidad, results were excellent; a side by side comparison with a bottle of 'old' Zaya was great with subtle differences, the differences being that the 'new' Zaya has an alluring butterscotch, brown sugar and maple nose. It is voluptuously full-bodied with great balance and a smoother palate. There are a lot of great and similar qualities as the 'old' Zaya, and experienced tasters have said that the taste is VERY similar, with many actually preferring the 'new' Zaya. These results prove that the proprietary recipe handcrafted by our master blender will be hailed as a rum of exceptional quality, prestigious awards will be forthcoming, and that Zaya is still the World's Finest Sipping Rum. I have no doubt that Zaya Rum will continue to be a joy to drink".

According to Robert Burr of "Yes, Zaya is now made in Trinidad. Among rum experts, almost half prefer the new version, while others prefer the old. Over time, we think most rum enthusiasts will grow to appreciate the new blend. It's a good rum, but obviously, it cannot be the same rum that was distilled and aged in Guatemala. Most people cannot discern the difference, but long-time fans of the Zaya brand will notice an adjusted blend. Have you tried it yourself? It's very good."

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