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El Mal Pais Mezcal Blanco 750ml


Mexico. El Mal Pais Mezcal Blanco 750ml 80 proof.

As good as Viejo (old) Mexico gets, this colonial premium mezcal represents El Mal Pais (the bad country). It is also 100% of the Agave Comercam certified. This bottle has a unique organic earthy flavor. El Mal Pais collaborates with the spirit of the agave plant in its natural environment. Originally, it was given simply an ornamental value, but it has since evolved (it is claimed) to signify the cures of ailments from common cold/flu to prostate cancer and alleviate the pain of childbirth. Laborers also drink it for added strength. The strengh in which El Mal Pais is able to impart the spirit of the gods into man is "firewater of the Gods."

COMERCAM is the Mexican regulatory council for quality control established in 1997. All Mezcals must be certified in order to be exported. Our Mezcals are certified by Comercam to be 100% of the Agave. The green and white circular Comercam seal found on our bottles ensures you that our Mezcals are of the purist mezcals imported from Mexico. Our Mezcals are produced in the regeion of Durango, Mexico and a Type 1 artisan 100% agave made in small quantities to ensure quality.

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